The first few days.

Well, it honestly feels like a heck of a lot longer than just under a week since we got the news.

So far so good.  Noticing some small differences.  My breasts aren’t hurting as much, though the nipples are very sensitive, and will hurt randomly.  I am getting some cramp-like pains, and they say that a lot of it will feel like the kinds of pain one feels when about to start their period. 

This kind of worries me a bit, since I never have really had bad periods, or really trackable PMS symptoms.  Though, it’s been just under a week, so I don’t really expect too much to be happening so far.  I have gone down in breast size as well, the DDD bra I got not too long ago is feeling a little big.  But I think it’ll be a little while before I get back down into the brand new DD ones I got in late December.

Well, that’s about all there is to report on my end.

However, I’m very curious for those that have been through this, I would love to hear some of the things that you found best to physically deal with a miscarriage, things to expect, how to not have accidents, so on and so forth.



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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

7 thoughts on “The first few days.”

  1. Well for me there was not terrible cramping and I never had bad pms or periods either. I bled a considerable amount but it always looks like more. This was my earlier one close to where you are. My second one I had a d and c because I was 16 weeks baby stopped growing at 12. But the first one wasn’t as bad. Just relax stay in bed whenever possible and drink fluids and eat you will get tired easily. my thoughts are with you as this does suck.


  2. I have had two and with each I had a lot of bleeding. Like Joanna said it looks like more than it really is. I had some cramping and for that I would just kept a heating pad with me and took hot showers. The first time I had to have a D&C and that wasn’t pleasant, but not the worst pain ever. I took some Advil and tried to sleep as much as possible. Sending my love and prayers!!!

  3. Just use pads, no tampons for a while and make sure to increase your iron for a while, or just keep taking your prenatal. My Doctor had also told us to wait 6 months before trying again, but we were eager and were pregnant again in about 2 1/2 months with Avery.
    I miscarried right before getting pregnant with Avery. At my 9 week ultrasound they noticed I wasn’t progressing and after running numerous tests decided I had miscarried, but my body was refusing to purge itself and they had to do a D&C, the first and only surgery I have ever had. I was mentally devastated and I remember waking up from the surgery and just crying and telling Eric I was sorry. It still bothers me when I have to say 3 pregnancies and 2 live births at Doctor appointments and that has been over 8 years ago.
    I would say the mental trauma was worse than any physical trauma so just make sure you keep on top of it and find a good support group or therapist if need be.
    On a good note, or at least what my Doctor told me to brighten my spirits, a miscarriage means your body is capable of knowing when to abort a fetus that would possibly have had health problems etc and he also reassured me that it meant I was fully capable of getting pregnant.
    Best of wishes

  4. Ok, to try to address everything so far..

    Ok, pads, over tampons. A trip to the store for me.

    Heat. Got it.

    As for trying again, our doctors said that as soon as I have another period, I can start trying again. And we plan on doing that as soon as we can, but which won’t be for a few months from now.

    My mother had a small handful of miscarriages and a death after birth, so I was partially prepared for the possibility of things like that happening with me.

    We’re going the natural (or trying to) for passing this, but we’re being careful about the signs of issues so that we can get to the hospital if need be. I’m REALLY hoping to not need a D&C.

  5. For me, I also, like you, knew it was coming. We went in for the first ultrasound and it turned the baby was measuring 2 weeks behind. It was strange, since we used an ovaluation test to know the exact day I was ovaulating. My pregnancy systems were totally different than with Charlotte. No morning sickness, boobs kinda hurt, not really though, but I did pee a lot!! After the second week of the dr telling us that I most likely was going to miscarry, I started bleeding. I started spotting 5 days before I had my miscarriage. I actually went in to the ER the night before it actually happened cause I kept having clots and thought that might be the beginning. I also started with lower back pain. It was like very bad period cramps that wouldn’t go away. The day of the miscarriage the back pain turned into stomach cramps, and down low. I knew it was coming, I thought I could handle it, but couldn’t. The pain was unbearable. Turns out that pushing was the only thing that made the pain feel better. After it started it took all but 6 hrs from start to finish and I was back home, by myself, alone, cause Justin was gone.

    1. It sucked not having him here, for him and for me. Knowing that this was going to happen in advance was the only good thing that came out of it, since we could deal with everything before he left. From what I have learned from everyone that has had one, it is just like pregnancy, they are all different. One of my friends had no pain at all. Another had to have a DNC, where they had to go in, and flush the rest of everything out. Some have had it when they were a lot farther along, I was only 6 weeks. I know people that have had miscarriages at 13 weeks, 27 weeks, 39 weeks! And the most recently 20 weeks, they knew it was a boy. I hope my story helps you. I am very sorry for your loss. Right now we are trying again, but it’s not the same. Everyday I wish we were pregnant. I think when Aug. 6 of this year comes along, it will be a sad day, the day our baby was due. Good luck!! You know where to find me if you need to talk or anything!

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