TMI – The Passing of the Sac

Well, from everything I’ve heard, and what I’ve been told by people and the doctor…I was expecting a much longer wait.

There has been constant pain for 48 – 60 hours.  Nothing really relieved it too much, even prescription doses of ibuprofen, though it did dull it enough to be able to get some sleep, and some respite during the day.

Today started out the same as the past couple of days, went back over to the Naval Hospital to get the blood in that I forgot to do after my visit yesterday.  Not sure it was necessary, but who knows what they really look at beside the obvious.

I camped out again today, dealing with the pain, and feeling a little too out of sorts to really do anything productive.  I wasn’t expecting James home until kind of late, so I was enjoying some pillow hugging and stuff that basically only I watch in this house.

Though, to my pleasant surprise, in he walks around 4:30pm or so.  That was awesome.  We had originally planned to maybe make it out to the first night of Wild West Showdown, a showdown of a rather large group of Derby teams.  (Thankfully it’s going on all weekend.)

Shortly after James arrived home, he popped upstairs to change and shower (yeah, the boat just plain stinks and it will stick to the skin).  By the time he got into the shower the pain I was feeling had magnified.  It was enough to make me take an ibuprofen (prescription strength).  Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to help.

Within minutes, I could barely breath, I was whimpering, and rocking back and forth on the floor on my knees because that was the closest thing I could get to any kind of relief.  I held it together at least until he got downstairs, and as soon as he touched me, massaging my lower back, I burst into tears.  I’m not sure I’ve cried from pain like that since the time I was in the hospital strapped to a back board for more than 4 hours, swearing like a sailor and freaking out my mother.  (Sorry Mom.)

We tried some massage, he had me lay out on the couch, but stretching my legs out hurt entirely too much.  So he bent my knees and just tried sliding massage on my belly.  Eventually I calmed down some, but I was still crying and couldn’t keep myself from making all sorts of goofy pain sounds.  I believe he got up to call the doctors to see whether or not we should head to the E.R. to get something for the pain, but something made me get up and go into the bathroom.  I’m not sure what…I guess it was a silent intuition.

I expected the same as it had been going for the last few days, clotted, gooey stuff.  And to a point there was that.  But also, I noticed when I sat down (and I’m amazed it waited for me to sit down), a whoosh of liquid.  This was the bright red blood that the doctor had been warning me about.  Looked almost unreal.  Still does.

Whoever James talked to on the phone at the office (probably the answering service) was asking if I felt any different when I pushed, and honestly there wasn’t much of a difference, despite what I’d heard from others.  So I let him know.  The option was definitely recommended to go to the E.R. to get some pain medication, and that was the plan at the moment.

I started to gather myself, since the whoosh of blood seemed to relieve the worst of the pain, I was cleaning  up and preparing to go for a drive.  I took a moment to collect my breath when I felt a shift inside me and looking down, I suddenly felt as if I were pooping (hey, I warned you this was TMI) and POP!  Suddenly I see a dark mass shoot out of me.  And yes, I screamed, startled out of my mind.  I cried, but then I started laughing at myself for that rather loud yelp of surprise.

And with that, the pain subsided for the most part and I was allowed some relief for a while. 

Now on to the really TMI stuff.  Stop here if you don’t want the details of what came out of me.

Considering the size that the doctor was telling us that the gestational sac was during the last few visits, I wasn’t expecting such a large object to come out of me.  The largest portion was honestly about the size of a large chicken egg.  There was other masses as well, much smaller, and have been coming in stages since then.   Neither of us were expecting something quite  so large, especially this early on.  Yes, we both looked.  Curiosity got the better of us.  Now I understand the things I’ve read about people getting very curious about it and wanting to inspect.  We didn’t go that far.  We just looked, hugged, talked about what we wanted to do at that point, and just went on with things.

 It’s been about 3 or so hours now and things are still happening.  I’m a bit concerned because the doctor has made it very clear that if I feel like I am not going to stop bleeding, that I need to get to the E.R.   I’m assuming what I’m experiencing at this point is very normal.  So, we’ll have to see over the weekend.  No one’s been really able to tell me what is “too much blood”, so we’re winging it at this point.  I feel fine otherwise, aside from the occassional pain.  No fever, no other bad things seem to be happening.  Of course, a little weak, but felt fine enough to start talking about dinner plans an hour later.

We ordered pizza (we had a free large because of a late pizza last time), with extra sauce, on thin crust.  Heck yeah man.  I’m feeling pretty good emotionally so far.  I was a little shaken up at first and a little emotional just from what happened, and the pain.  But other than that, we’ve curled up and watched some Idol, catching up on the week’s episodes, and just generally enjoying relaxing together.


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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