I was just Bible-Thumped.

I know that there will be people who will find this controversial.  I know that there will be people who do not agree with me.  I’m ok with that.

I just got bible-thumped by someone on my facebook that I went to school with.  Literally told, after politely saying I appreciated their sentiment and to not to continue the conversation, that they feared I was going to hell because I didn’t believe in their god. (Edit:  The first line was: have you accepted god? ((paraphrasing here)), I politely told them that I appreciated the sentiment, but to please drop the discussion, the second line was: I’m afraid you’ll worship satan, to which I repeated my request for them to drop it/leave me alone, their third line was about me going to hell, and it went on from there.)

Well, to that I say, do not force your beliefs on me.  I do not believe the same thing you do, and I am not wrong for believing something different.  I wasn’t planning on pushing my own beliefs on them, so I would have appreciated not having theirs pushed onto me.

It took a few tries of politely, but increasingly firmly asking them to just leave the subject alone.  It took entirely TOO MANY times for them to get the point and to leave me alone.  Initially, I can understand and appreciate their sentiment.  I know they mean well.  But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  After not respecting my polite initial request, I quickly start losing my patience, and my respect for that person.  Regardless of who it is, someone I know or someone I do not.

I don’t go wandering up to people and tell them what they should believe in.  I do not want it done to me.

I was raised Catholic.  I became a born again Christian in my mid teens.

I just do not believe the things I used to.  I have my reasons for that.

There are a lot of things I believe, they just do not specifically include someone else’s idea of “god” and the writings of men and the unending re-interpretations of something written ages ago that might not even look anything like what was originally written.

I live a good life.  I live a life that I’m trying to make healthier and healthier.  I am a good person.  I care about others.  I give, I nurture, I help, I try to surround myself with other good people.  I don’t believe in harming others.  I try very hard not to harm others, intentionally or unintentionally.

My life has literally gotten a gazillion times better since I stopped following any kind of religion.

I do not need religion to feel good about myself, or my life, or what may happen to me when I die.

I do not need religion to do good things.  I do not need religion to care for others.  I do not need religion to give to others.  I do not need religion to live a good, and happy life.

If this makes me a bad person in someone else’s eyes.  So be it.  I’m willing to take that chance.  I don’t preach to people who don’t want to hear me.  I don’t preach at all.  I don’t go around trying to convert people to my way of thinking.  I don’t shove what I DO believe down other people’s throats, or use guilt and scare tactics to get them to convert.

I think it’s incredibly wrong to use guilt and scare tactics, and YES that IS what telling someone they will go to hell is.  It’s a guilt and scare tactic.  And it’s just plain wrong in my opinion.  I do NOT respond to threats.  I REFUSE to be guilted.

I had enough of that growing up.  Not again.  And since I’ve stopped allowing myself to fall for that fear mongering, my life has been incredible.  Yes, life throws it’s curveballs.  But I deal with it on my own, with the support and love of the people I’ve surrounded myself with, and the inner strength I’ve found.

I do not begrudge anyone their beliefs if that’s what gets them through.  As long as they don’t try to threaten me into thinking their way.

I leave you alone, leave me alone.

I am living my life in a positive way.  I hope that whatever happens to me after I die is something good.  To be honest…I think that I believe far more these days in the more paganistic return to the earth, fulfilling the cycle of nature.  Do I believe in the soul?  Perhaps.  Do I believe in the spirit?  Sure.  But I believe that if I live a good life, make my own amends and do good things that regardless, I’ll be just fine when I am returned to the earth.


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

8 thoughts on “I was just Bible-Thumped.”

  1. I know I’m commenting on my own post, but I feel this is necessary.

    Apparently it’s MY fault that the whole exchange even went past the first line because I responded to it.

    Really? That’s how you want to justify your actions? By disrespecting my polite request to drop it? It’s my fault, because I made a polite and sincere acknowledgement of the offer, but politely declined and requested to not continue, knowing that if I did anything else, I would continue to get the messages, no matter what?

    Really? Apparently I should have just ignored it. Which to me, is the ruder option, so I didn’t.

    Apparently I should have ignored it and just ended up enduring even more posts later on, because I can guarantee, GUARANTEE, I would have gotten more, considering this person has continuously pestered friends of mine over the same thing! Regardless of the response they recieved, they continue to press their beliefs on those of us who are not interested.

    I do not understand how a person can feel good about themselves, or their beliefs when they are so skewed and so self-absorbed.

  2. I just had a similar experience with someone that we went to high school with from my class. He asked me “Do you believe in God? And if so, have you relied on him?” I told him that was a strange question and that I don’t need to depend on God for my day to day. Its not what I believe, I do believe that there is a God, but I also believe that he wants us to be independent, live a good life, and to help others. He is there to guide, not do for us. I was told that I was “wrong or mistaken”, I returned with “I’m not wrong, its what I believe. Its based on an opinion, and opinions are never wrong.”

    I find your comments refreshing, and really struck a cord with how I was feeling in that situation. It is your right to believe or not to believe, and no one can tell you otherwise. Its why born-agains make me so infuriated sometimes.

    1. It’s the same person. He’s mass sending messages to everyone on his yahoo list (which is linked to facebook) and when he didn’t take me off his list after I repeatedly asked him to respect my wishes, he retorted with I wasn’t respecting him by ignoring his mass message to everyone on his list, regardless of whether or not they wanted to hear it. And apparently, along with one other person, I am the only one that doesn’t believe in god. I highly doubt that. But that’s neither here nor there. While I’ve been perturbed by the whole exchange, it’s not the religion that gets me. It’s the lack of respect and acknowledgement of boundaries. Granted, there is a reason for a lack of social reasoning, but I’ll leave it at that to not make it ridiculously obvious who I’m talking about, or what the issue is. It’s not really my place, but it is a factor in the whole thing. It’s an issue I don’t really understand or have experience with, which is why I’m a bit conflicted over my own response to their religious advances. I feel bad for reacting the way I have, but I also don’t. There’s an ability to actively participate and seemingly understand some of what I discuss with them, but it doesn’t sink in far enough, quick enough for it to really make a difference.

      I have removed them from my facebook just to get a little peace and quiet, and I hope they removed me from theirs as I requested of them over and over again. If they did/will, I have no idea.

      But the issue remains that there are people out there that do this still, and it’s just not right.

  3. Yes and he is not the only person I know who is like this unfortunately. As I just told him in my latest message, “my relationship with God, is none of your business. Its between ‘Me and God’ and I do not see YOU anywhere in those three words.”

    Religion is a personal choice. Its between that individual and God, not born agains, not family, or friends. If people disagree on the subject of religion, then all you can do is respectfully agree to disagree. Unless God himself shows himself to tell us what is right or not right, then no one is wrong because after all these years, everything is speculation.

    1. I totally appreciate your addition to this post. I know academically I’m not alone in my feelings, but it’s nice to actually hear this from others. I’ve had people respond to me privately as well, which has also made me feel a bit better about my rant. I think it’s an issue overall, more than the person themselves, especially in this case. I’m glad I’m not being ostracized by the people I know for not believing what they believe, and being accepted despite that. Thank you.

  4. Mary –
    I’m SO with you here. I don’t know if I’ve told you (it’s possible John may have told you as well) about all the problems I’ve had with my family over the years, but it’s this kind of thing over…and over. And over. It’s awful to have to deal with, particularly when you are trying your best to be patient, understanding, and polite and they’re being anything but. If you ever need to rant, I’m really good at listening to them. 🙂

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