Time to offer what you know for Post Pregnancy!

Ok, here it is, the big post asking what everyone thinks about different baby products, what works, what doesn’t, where to get it, how to get it for the best price!  Keep in mind please, that there are some things I’ve already decided on.  I have very nearly already chosen my choice brand for crib and stroller/carseats and I plan on getting those brand new.  I plan on breastfeeding.  I like money saving options.  Feel free to argue disposable vs. cloth, but I will end up making my own decision.


Crib pads!

Nursery gear!




Bath Products!


Anything else you can think of, because lord knows, I sure has heck didn’t name it all.  🙂

Thank you kindly, and I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

5 thoughts on “Time to offer what you know for Post Pregnancy!”

  1. We used disposable diapers with Landon until a few months ago. He is refusing to potty train regularly so we switched to cloth. I regret not doing it sooner. We were spending on average anywhere from $75 to $100 in disposables a month. In the past few months we’ve put cloth diapers on our registry, bought from when there were specials, shopped around and have spent about $400 to cloth diaper two kids for the next 3 years washing diapers every 3 days or twice a week. We hang dry our covers but dry our inserts just for convenience. We’ve already paid our diapers off with just Landon and Mason isn’t even here yet. It’s super easy too and even J can do it with ease. Plus if you plan on having more babies it’s a big money saver.

    Basically we’re having Mason and not buying a diaper and it’s such an awesome feeling. Our water bills and electric bills didn’t increase much either. Our water when up like $2 a month. We use the Fuzzi Bunz One Size the most. Right now they are on special by 6 and get two free. For a newborn though, they can’t fit in the one size right away so we went the cheaper route since we love the Fuzzi Bunz and are using prefolds and diaper covers, and have a few pocket sized diapers for those late night changes. Plus they are cute 🙂 A bumbo I believe is a must. So easy to take when traveling and clean up is a breeze, wipe and done. Plus it helps with spinal development.

    A boppy pillow was my go to for breastfeedings. Helps you from having to support so much with your arms, comfortable is better in that instance.

    The mobiles that come with the crib sets I feel were a waste of money. Of course they are cute but the one we had for Landon only played a minute probably and you had to turn it yourself. $50 for a minute… yeah I wish we would’ve thought that one through.. We ended up going with a fisher price one that lights up and can play up to 10-15 minutes. Now they have them with a remote so you don’t even have to go into the room, but I don’t know how well those work.

    I was super paranoid about Landon sleeping in his room alone and when J was deployed all the time I was the one always checking on Landon. A video monitor was my saving grace. We use the Summer Infant one and even on the lowest sound setting I could still hear him breathing. Well, this is all I can think of right now but I’m sure I’ll think of more and in the next few days I’ll be reminded 🙂 so I’ll keep posting. Good luck!

  2. Oh and check with the base there for Budget for Baby. It’s offered through the Navy Marine Corp Relief Society but they had one both in Charleston and in Kings Bay. The class is like an hour or two but you learn some interesting tips and get to hear from other expecting parents. PLUS they give you a goodie bag. Both times ours had 2 crib sheets, a 5 pack of onesie, 2 pants onesies, a hooded towel, washclothes, a blanket, something knitted either a sweater or blanket, hats, mittens, and some socks. There may have been something else too. But you can never have too many. Also check the used baby stores in your area. It’s so hard to not want new outfits but babies really do outgrow their clothes super fast! Socks will all the time go missing. We use a little mesh zipper bag for socks so the washing machine and dryer don’t eat them.

  3. If you’re going to be potentially doing a lot of pumping, something like the Medela Pump-in-Style… hospital grade double pump. And a hands-free pumping “bra” makes the whole thing much easier.

    Milk storage bags for pumped milk take up less room than bottles in the freezer. Lansinoh milk storage bags are bigger, Medela ones stand up on their own. I liked both for different reasons.

    Lansinoh disposable breast pads for early on and days where you expect you’ll leak. Gerber reusable cotton pads for “everyday” once you get a pattern established.

    Good nursing bras. I liked Motherhood Maternity, Target ain’t bad, hated JCPenney. Very personal choices on those. Try on lots, but wait until just before you deliver.

    Boppy, with at least 2 covers.

    Even if you decide to exclusively breastfeed, sign up for the freebies from the formula companies. If you don’t open the canisters, they can go to your local food bank collection.

    Ring Sling! I made mine extra-long so I could wrap the HUGE tail around my body which distributed baby-weight across my whole torso to reduce shoulder and back strain. WAY easier than arm-carrying for a long time. We also had a soft carrier for up to 20ish lbs. And I really wish I’d bought the Ergo earlier for some things, but the ring sling had the most portability and versatility (Play mat, nursing cover, leash, etc) The Ergo (although I learned later the ErgoSport is longer than the original…oh well) goes up to 40 lb and can be front/hip/back.

    If you use disposables, sign up for the freebies.. Coupons and (depending on brand) “points” that you can actually earn real stuff with (eventually 🙂

    Cloth diapers. Forget the “burb cloths” The good, old-fashioned cloth diapers (from the picture, I think the Gerber 6-ply prefolds are the ones I like) are way more versatile, and absorbent, and bigger. I still carry one or two just for random cleanup emergencies (or as blankies for stuffed toys 🙂 .

    Playtex bottles were easy. Yes, you create trash, but building a bottle is easy and squishing out air doesn’t require any extra hardware.

    Dishwasher baskets (if applicable). I thought they were silly… until I used them CONSTANTLY.

  4. I will tell you that breast feeding is the hardest thing you will ever do, even harder than the pregnancy and delivery. I really did try to breast feed, but my kids wouldn’t really latch on, and the pain I got in my boobs, was the worst pain I have ever felt. After about a week of being completely engorged, I gave it up. Its also extremely time consuming. Having said that, if you really want breast feeding to be a success I recommend spending the extra money (if you have it) for a motorized pump. Using a manual pump is cruel for a new mom that just gave birth and is woken up in the middle of the night every night. After 20 mins of pumping with a manual pump, the bottle wasn’t even half filled, and I was too tired to pump anymore.

    Also cloth diapers is the way to go, but if you are too squeamish on cleaning the BM out of them prior to putting them into the washing machine, I recommend looking for a diapering service (they are hard to find in this day and age) or go the disposable route.

  5. Two of the best pieces of “stuff” advice I got… don’t know how I forgot them!

    If you have a 2-story abode, get two bassinet/pack’n’play units. ESPECIALLY helpful when the little person is wiggly and must be kept safe one one story or the other.

    The swaddlers with the velcro tabs. Again, thought it was a commercial gimmick. Until the little guy was practically born too long for most receiving blankets. The swaddlers come in several lengths, cotton or fleece, and are more secure (due to the velcro), adjustable, and easier than receiving blankets. Although you can never have too many receiving blankets, either! 🙂

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