Major TMI – Urethral Sponge

So…for a while now my urethral sponge has been rather engorged.  Which I mentioned in one of my last posts.  I had mentioned it to my OB at my last appointment, when I noticed just how large and uncomfortable it was getting.  Unfortunately I asked the wrong questions.  I should have just had them look at it, instead of just asking about it.

Yes, the urethral sponge can swell due to the pressure of the pregnancy.

But lately it had gotten even larger.  It had been hard to move, walk, sit, roll over…all sorts of movements would put even more pressure on it.  There were absolutely no other issues surrounding it.  It wasn’t a UTI, or any other infection we could think of, or look up.  There was no pain of any kind (other than when I rolled over the danged thing), no painful urination, no pelvic pain, no blood, no fever, nothing.

We have an OB appointment on the 29th.  We both decided to ask them to take a look at it specifically this time.  I figured that since it had been present for so long already, that it would last another week.  While out and about today, seeing as he had a short day at work and I was feeling rather good, after being out for a few hours I felt as if my bladder had leaked a small amount.  I found a bathroom (had actually gone to the bathroom shortly before this as well) and figured it was just a little leakage and I made sure I urinated as much as I felt I could.  Put a liner in, and continued our day.

I felt a few more leaks, and again figured that it was just pressure on my bladder, and that my positioning and laughter had caused it.  There was also some discharge, but seeing as I couldn’t really just fold myself to see myself, I assumed it was just a bit of vaginal discharge which isn’t out of the ordinary for me.  Still, seeing as I was having what felt like quite a few Braxton-Hicks contractions, I kept it in the back of my head.

When we got home, I decided to take a shower to get clean and check things out.  As I felt around, I noticed that my labia were enlarged, which has been a steady thing through the second half of my pregnancy.  Ok, normal so far.  I went looking for the ball that has been my urethra for a few months now, and wasn’t finding it.  Perhaps my reach wasn’t that great standing up, which it largely isn’t in the shower, especially when there has been so much pressure in my belly from the Braxton-Hicks.  So, I call my husband in to take a look for me, seeing as he’s the one that noticed (visually) the swelling in the first place.  (I’ll back up a bit for anyone who hasn’t read my other post.  My urethral sponge has always been noticeable to the touch for me, nodule-like, so at first it didn’t seem like anything had changed.  And well, I’m no contortionist, and I never thought to look.)

Well, he comes in and has a look.  To this point, very little had to be done to make it visible, that’s how large it had gotten.  This time, I was pulling my labia as far as I could, and what we had gotten used to seeing was just plain not there.  That scared me a bit.  But, I hadn’t really felt anything puncturing, popping, or rupturing.  There was no pain, no discomfort really past the basic discomfort I’d been feeling for months when I moved or sat or stood.  And I had been up and down out of the car quite a few times during the day.

So, we’ve done more research, and figure it could have been a cyst, rather than an infection, or heck a cyst caused by an infection.  And it was just it’s time to spend itself.  We aren’t going to freak out over it, until we can talk to the doctor.  And while I’m very curious and of course a little worried….I’m comforted by the fact that there were no infection-like symptoms at all.  There was no pain, and still there is no pain at all.  So, the wait comes for the 29th to see the OB again.  And in the meantime, I will try not to freak myself out over it, and will be hyper-vigilant in keeping my urethral sponge very, very, very clean.


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