Approaching Week 38 – Mild TMI

Well, it’s getting pretty darned close now.  I’m currently two days away from hitting week 38.  At least we know now that she won’t be early, which was one of my biggest fears due to family history.

We had an appointment today, and we have an appointment next week and the week after scheduled in OB.  Things seem to be doing just fine, I’m measuring on point, though they seem to be a tiny bit surprised that I’m only experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions still.  It seemed like they were expecting something a bit more regular and a bit more noticeable.

It really has increased, but I wasn’t getting a whole heck of a lock of B-H to begin with.  A couple a day at most, some days I didn’t notice anything at all.  There has been a noticeable increase in frequency from that, but it is still very staggered.  Some days I go most of the day without feeling much of anything, and then in the evenings it’ll pick up for about half an hour or an hour, then go away again.  Other days it’s a handful throughout the day every few hours.

My mucus plug seems to still be intact, though I have noticed an occasional increase in secretions, so I’m going to assume that it’s on it’s way, but is taking it’s sweet ‘ol time.  Which is fine by me.  I’m still hoping (not so secretly) for a St. Patrick’s Day birth!  But, as long as it’s close, I’ll be happy.

We did speak to the doctor about the issue I was having with the urethral sponge, and when we fully described what it had looked like and what had happened about a week ago, she agreed that it might have been a cystic buildup, and that it was most likely due to the baby and the pressure on different parts inside of me.  She didn’t seem worried at all when we told her how it had basically solved itself, and that there were no other signs of infection or anything to go along with it.  So, I’m quite happy about that.  And let me tell you, it’s been nice not feeling that large olive-sized ball shifting around when I sit or stand.  I’ve been a heck of a lot more comfortable since that thing went away.

She took a swab for a test, and to kill two birds with one stone, she also took a look at my urethra just to make sure things were still okay.  And she said it looks perfectly normal right now, which was a relief.  Though, things definitely are swollen with blood pressure, which is perfectly normal for this late stage of pregnancy.

We asked about getting a tour of the birthing rooms, but they were all full up today, which is no surprise.  It’s a Naval Hospital, and there’s always a wave of deliveries coinciding with movements of the units.  But, they do welcome visitors, so we were encouraged to just call from time to time when we’re in the area to see if they have an empty room that we can take a look at.

I’m hoping the weather clears up some in the next week, because I’d like to do it as soon as possible.  I have questions for the staff that I’d like to ask before settling completely on my birthing plan.  But hey, things can always change, so if I can’t get my questions in, I’ll just finish it up for my next appointment with the options to change things if necessary.  Which is pretty normal, in any case.  The rooms are quite large, so they do say that we can have pretty much whomever we want in the room, or to visit.

The rooms each have their own jetted tub, shower, birthing ball…it sounds so nice.  But I do want to see if I can bring my own yoga ball (I have the same exact one I’ve seen behind the desk at Radiology).  I definitely want to be able to wear some of my own clothing within reason, for comfort.  I haaaaate those hospital gowns.  I will remove whatever I need to remove when I need to remove it.  Pictures are certainly an interesting topic at this point.  We’re still trying to figure that part out.  We will probably have to wing it.

Though, I definitely need to start putting together a bag for the dash to the hospital.  Definitely going over some different lists for things to bring.  Definitely some no-brainers.  But there are things I really don’t want to forget.  But also…there’s things that I use on a regular basis I want to bring, so I don’t want to pack it all just yet.  Though, I hadn’t thought about a bathing suit for James, so he can get in the tub with me.  Smart!

We’ve already installed the car seat and had it checked out properly by the staff at the hospital.  Though, it only goes up to 22 pounds, so we’ll have to get another one at some point in the next year, like as not.  Which is fine, we got this car seat and stroller from another family, so it’s not like we’re tossing away a bunch of money in a short period of time.  Though, we likely won’t pass this set on (at the least, not the car seat itself) since it’s “expiration” date is December 2013.  And apparently the newer ones are a hell of a lot easier to deal with!  The straps on this one are a serious pain in the rear end.  Even the technician that checked the seat and it’s installation yesterday was having issues with it, because it was already a handful of years old.  Learn something new…just because it’s still within date, doesn’t mean it’s an easy to use, updated seat!  But at least we both now know how to set the straps properly.  I had pulled it all apart to wash the lining and putting it back together was certainly interesting, to put it nicely.

We have our lactation class tonight, which should be interesting to say the least.  I’ve heard that the woman who holds the class is pretty wonderful, so I’m excited.  I have some extra stuff coming in the mail soon about the birthing process, and breastfeeding as well, just to have some things on hand to read/watch prior to, and for references after.


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One thought on “Approaching Week 38 – Mild TMI”

  1. Ask your doc about the ball/clothes etc. I checked with mine (it was a requirement checklist I had, before I would agree to deliver there instead of a birthing center) and one of my ‘big’ items was being able to wear whatever I wanted. My doc said he was fine with it as long I was willing to have it cut off in an emergency 🙂 Since it’s the same place, your doc probably wont mind either, but usually it’s up to them and not necessarily the labor deck people.

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