So, it’s 4:38am Monday morning, 03/12/2012.

I had a couple of contractions during dinner.  Don’t recall any between then (it was a late dinner, so approaching 9pm) and when we went to bed.  A bit after being in bed, I had one.  Then I had another about 9 minutes later.  And another, about 9 minutes later.

So, thinking I’ve had bundles of them before, we thought I should stand up and walk around a little.  It seemed to help, since as I was getting up the contraction seemed to all but disappear.  Then I go park it on the couch for a bit, keeping an eye on things.  I had some quiet time, but had a few erratic contractions very quickly.  Things calm down for a bit, so I get back in bed and doze for a while.  I wake up, head to the bathroom while having a contraction, to make sure my bladder isn’t full.

This happens a couple of times in a couple hours…doze/sleep for a bit, wake up, contract, bathroom.  Eventually, considering James has to work in the morning after about two weeks off, I go sit on the couch again so as to let him sleep, which he had finally started to do.  Unsure of the state of things, I go to the bathroom again (you never know just what you’re bladder is doing at this point), and it turns out that I have just lost part of my mucous plug.  I think I might have lost part of it the other day, but at that point everything coming out of me was incredibly clear, so I felt, more than saw whatever it was at the time.  There was clear but thick gooey discharge surrounding that instance.  It felt like something had indeed passed out of me, and I might have not really noticed the sensation had I not had a miscarriage last year.

At this point, the contractions seem to be still pretty erratic, but mildly painful.  Timing them wasn’t exactly easy at times.  Sometimes the duration was about 30 seconds, and I would get them every 5-10 minutes or more.  Other times, they would start off incredibly strong, but be over in a matter of a few seconds, but come right back a minute or so later.

So, I walk around a bit, but seemed to be getting them whether I was laying down, standing, or sitting.  At this point, it’s approaching 4am.  James notices I’m up and shambling about, and comes out to rub my back and hold me for a bit.  Things calm down again, but seeing as I was wide awake at this point, I decided to putter around and get some things done just to keep occupied.

A bit later, he comes upstairs to sit with me a few minutes to check on me (how sweet) but soon starts looking like he’s nodding off.  Back off to bed.  After having come upstairs to get out of his hair, we rehashed the time spent up here, the pain level and the spacing and duration of the contractions I was having.  (Seems the more I think about them, the more often they come, even as I type this.)  They were progressively getting further and further apart the more I did things to distract myself, so that’s basically where we stand.

I’ve puttered, I’ve snacked, I’ve walked, I’ve sat, I’ve read, I’ve written, and in that time, I’ve had long periods of no contractions, and periods of small, quick and fierce ones.

Still keeping track, but considering just how erratic they are…I’m going to keep puttering around and hope to eventually be able to get a few minutes of shut eye.

My parents fly in tomorrow, so I’m hoping things hold off until then!  Nothing like having to get off a plane to go straight to a hospital, so hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time here at the house with them before the big moment comes.  🙂


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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