The First Days – Days Five and Six

March 17th and 18th.

Pretty typical first night home.  Lots of feedings, lots of wake-ups, lots of need for the SNS (supplemental nursing system).  Pretty awkward with maneuvering the SNS with breastfeeding, but getting the hang of it slowly but surely.  Definitely needing to have James get up to check on Zoe, change her, pick her up to bring to me.  Getting up out of bed at all during the night is basically out of the question at this point.  It’s very hard to move from my back to a sitting position between the exhaustion, pain, discomfort and swelling in my legs.  Let alone the pain medication making me groggy.  But my arms are certainly getting a workout from it.

I weighed (GASP!  Yes, she’s about to reveal her actual weight in public!) 198-202 around the time of my delivery (not counting whatever I might have gained in fluids from the IV at this point).  This put my overall weight gain from beginning of pregnancy to delivery at about 15 pounds.  Even after delivering Zoe, and losing the weight from her, and the placenta, I was 210 pounds at home because of the IV fluids I was given continuously from the time I was admitted, to the evening before being discharged.  I was given a few bags a day (that I noticed) at the least.

Still very swollen from the waist down.  Compared to my lower half, I hadn’t thought I had gotten swollen from the waist up.  But then, I wasn’t spending a heck of a lot of time looking in the mirror.  (Kind of wish I had, I looked like hell.)  And talk about being pale, I was even paler than usual.  My legs looked like tree trunks.  I was actually quite disturbed by it, and concerned, since I had never experienced anything like it in the past.  But I was assured many times that it would work it’s way back down.  And go figure, I have to drink more water to get rid of the water in my body.  It was incredibly uncomfortable, it felt like my skin was so tight that if I banged up against something or someone poked me with something sharp, I would just literally pop like a balloon.

Went back to the hospital today (day after being discharged) for a follow-up visit to check Zoe’s measurements.  She went down enough in a day to total a loss of 12% body weight from birth weight.  Definitely continuing the SNS supplement.  My incision looked good, and we talked about feeding schedule, how well she was latching, needing the nipple shield, amount of diapers to expect, and the things to expect to see in the diapers (nearly clear pee, colors of poop, brickdust, and different types of discharge).  Also the frequency of diaper changes as the days go on, and how things might be for me, how my system will be working post-surgery.


Zoe is 4 days old today!  So we’ve figured out that Zoe doesn’t yet like complete darkness, or small night lights.  We have a small lamp on the other side of the room where our sitting area is that we are now keeping on all night for her.  She seems to prefer low light at night.  We’ve got the bassinet placed between the chairs and the couch in the sitting area.  That thing was a lot bigger than we expected it to be when we ordered it.  But that’s not a bad thing, it’ll go a lot further for her than I was originally fearing, with some of the tiny basket-like bassinets they have out there.  And it’s solid and classic enough to keep around for any other children we have, boy or girl.  Not a bad investment, looking at it now.  🙂

A bit frustrated because we haven’t figured out all the little things (but hey, it’s only been a week) to soothe her when she’s crying.  Mostly just vegged out with Mom & Dad today, other than appointments, it’s just too uncomfortable yet to try to get out of the house.  But then, I only came home two days ago.  I’m pretty amazed I managed to be ok getting out of the house for the appointment yesterday.  But it was successful.  James took a much needed nap today, since the overnight is still a lot of up and down with trying to soothe or feed Zoe.  I get tired in the late afternoon, but when I want to take a nap, it seems to be time for Zoe to want to feed.  Perhaps eventually we’ll be able to get on a similar schedule so I can nap when she does.


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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