The First Days – Days Nine and Ten

March 21st & 22nd

One week today!

Last day before James heads to Florida for his sister’s wedding, so we went for a drive.  Zoe seemed to take to being in the car very well.  She loves being on the move.  We wanted to show Mom & Dad the mountain views, and we tried to find Seabeck beach again.  Not very successful.  But we did find a place to stop off to take a few pictures.  We went back into town and had lunch at the Old Town Bistro, which was empty when we showed up.  Not a bad thing, since Zoe wanted to feed.  Thankfully the girl working didn’t seem to mind at all.  She didn’t eat much, and fell asleep, so I had to feed her again in the car before we took a walk through the park across the street.

It was nice, but it was cloudy and got a bit cold and windy shortly into the walk.  Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I needed to pace myself with walking around and tiring myself out, and being careful about the incision.  My feet and legs started to get a bit sore right at the end of our walk, so it was well timed.  So back to the house we went, and just hung out.  James made an awesome Tuscan chicken dish for dinner.

Went to bed at 10pm, a little earlier than we have been, so James could get some sleep before having to be up really early for his flight.  Everyone slept very well, and Zoe didn’t wake up to feed until after James left for his flight to Florida.

8 days old!  James left around 3:30am to get his flight for 6am.  I do not envy him that wake up time.  But he thankfully had my Dad to drive him to the airport, rather than my last experiences with having to take the airporter in at ungodly hours.  Zoe didn’t wake up to feed until about 6:30am, which was really nice.  Though incredibly surprising.  Managed to get upstairs with the help of my Mom to carry Zoe at around 7:30am.

Spent most of the morning just hanging out with Mom & Dad and enjoying the morning sunshine.  Fed Zoe again around 9:30, so she’s eating every couple of hours for the most part.  Decided to go to brunch since Dad wanted some breakfast food other than cereal.  Not that I blame him.  James doesn’t eat breakfast most of the time, so we don’t keep things for breakfast around much.  Though, we have a massive stockpile of cereal since I ended up with a massive pregnancy craving for it and milk.  Packed up Zoe and went to Sharis.  Definitely enjoyed having a nice, hot breakfast.  Zoe slept through the whole thing, for the most part.  Definitely got some attention, though!

We popped over to Costco to check out a few things while we were out, and Zoe took that pretty well, too.  She seems to like a lot of ambient noise, and isn’t too bothered by much.  Even when sleeping, she isn’t often startled by loud noises.  When awake, she seems curious, but not upset by them.  Always a good thing, in my opinion; won’t have to tiptoe around the baby.

So, first night without James around to help with Zoe, was a bit nervous about this.  I kept her in bed with me again, easier since I had his entire side of the bed open now.  She fussed a bit because of her stomach, and she had two very messy diapers within an hour of going to bed.  Though, once she settled down and her stomach was ok, she slept very well.  Surprisingly until 5am.  Though, she didn’t settle until around midnight, going to bed at 10pm, so she must have been very tired after all that, on top of feeding in that time.


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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