The First Days – Days Eleven and Twelve

March  23rd & 24th

9 days old!  So far a good day.  There is less swelling in my legs and feet.  Feeding about every two hours in the mornings.  I have to admit, after the hospital, it’s SO nice to be able to take a shower on a regular basis.  But I’m going to soak it up as much as I can now, because once my parents are gone, and James is back at work, I probably won’t be so lucky to shower every morning.  Now, evenings….guess I’ll have to get used to that.

Took a trip to Target (yeah, I know, lots of trips to the store…my brain is understandably not on all cylinders and I forget things), and the weather was gorgeous!  Well, if you consider 50 degrees and sunny gorgeous.  🙂  But it was nice, and the breeze was warm, not cold for once.  The view of the mountains was very hazy though, not good for taking pictures, unfortunately.

Took Mom & Dad to lunch at Bahn Thai, and they both liked it!  Then stopped off at Ross to look for a couple things, and ended up finding some newborn sized clothing for Zoe.  Much needed.  She swims in everything that is 0-3 months.  It might be a while before she gets out of the newborn stuff, but who knows.  Hard to tell.

Took another much needed nap today, then had dinner.  No James around to cook it for us.  😦  But we did get to skype with James, Dianne and Mike before bed.  That was nice. 🙂

Third day without James, but he’s coming home tonight.  Two more full days with Mom & Dad, then they go back to CT on Tuesday morning.  6 more days until James goes back to work.  Hopefully things will be going well enough with Zoe that I’ll be able to handle her all by myself while he’s at work.  Things are getting better and easier every day, though.  We both miss Daddy tons, but he’ll be home soon enough.  We’re trooping through these three days pretty well  Have a two-week appointment at the hospital on the 28th.  We also have an audiology appointment that morning to check her hearing.  It seems like her body is processing things well, she’s had a few poopy diapers this week, which they said would be normal.  There would be more pee diapers than poopy ones after the muconium passed.

Her facial expressions have been absolutely priceless since the moment she came into this world.  The one she does most often is a furrowed brow, which either makes her look like she’s concentrating really hard, or that she’s really confused.  It’s so cute.

Her feeding seems to be…mediocre at best.  At least in the effectiveness of it.  She falls asleep very easily when nursing, which definitely cuts down on the active feeding on her part.  I’ve tried all sorts of things to keep her awake, but it’s getting harder and harder.  I’ll have to talk to the lactation specialist about this when I get the chance.  She seems to feed better in the afternoon, when she’s not quite so sleepy.

The weather finally cleared up nicely in the afternoon, so we took another jaunt out into town.  There were really nice views of the mountains today, though only of the Olympics.  The Cascades and Rainier were still too hazy to get photographs of.

She loves being held for the most part, loves the closeness, but also seems to like being in her swing from time to time.  She’s starting to slightly focus on the mobile on the swing as it moves around.  Also likes the swinging motion quite a bit.  She loves being on the move in some way.


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