4 Months!

Well, we’ve hit the 4 month mark!  She’s doing great, and she’s growing incredibly fast now.  She’s been out of newborn diapers for about a month and in about a week or two, she went from newborn, to size 1, to size 2.  So far, we’ve stuck with the size 2 diapers for disposables, and she’s in One Size snap-closure adjustable cloth diapers.  Those are fitting much better, and she’s not having any blow outs in the cloth diapers.  Though…can’t say the same for the disposables.  She doesn’t blow out with poo every time, but a good amount of the time.  Not sure she’ll ever not do that.

As for sleep…things went pretty much back to normal.  Waking up between 11pm and 1am to do her first night feeding, bringing her to bed and feeding around 3-4 am and cluster feeding in the morning.  Which honestly doesn’t bother me most of the time.  Sometimes the broken sleep catches up with me, but that’s bound to happen.

Her stats are good, they seem to be not worried at all about her progress.  She’s now 11 pounds 15 ounces, she’s 24 inches long and her head is 15.75 inches in circumference!  She’s up a little more than 2 pounds, almost three inches up in length, and from 37 cm to 40 cm.

She also had her second round of immunizations today!  She of course was not very happy about the shots, but like her first ones, she got very drowsy very quickly and took a little bit of a nap.  She woke up when I put her in her carseat for the ride home, but was ok and chatterboxed a bit on the way home.  Nursed after some quiet sitting time, and took a nap.  She’s been a bit fussy at times, which is expected, but nothing out of the ordinary so far.  Though, I am going to look for a fever tomorrow.  It seemed to hit her the second day last time.  So far today, no need for Tylenol!

Well, I took a break from typing this up, and we’ve been going through the evening bedtime ritual, and we ended up having to give her the Tylenol.  It seemed to have worked, but she’s definitely having some residual pain that upsets her from time to time with moving around, at the site of the shots in her thighs.  It took a little while, but she finally went down for bed.  She really is a little trooper.

Things have certainly been progressing and not just with her size.  She’s rolling over every single day.  Though, not really rolling back onto her back from her belly like she did the first couple of days.  She’s spending far more time on her tummy without being upset, which is really nice.  Though I can tell she’s getting ready for a nap when she turns onto her tummy and almost immediately starts whining.  But more and more she’s “talking” while on her tummy, which is really cute to watch.

She’s playing with her hands, really noticing and touching her own fingers more, and reaching to grab for things with far more intent now.  She’s reaching for me a lot, which definitely warms my heart.  Though, most of the time it’s just because she wants to nurse.  But I’m ok with that!  🙂  She’s also grabbing things a lot better, and loves having things dangling around her to play with.  She even talks at her toys.  It’s super cute.

She is also preferring to sit up more often, but will take being a bit reclined.  She is spending more time in her bumbo seat, but needs more things to play with while in it.  I need to get her the tray for it soon.  She doesn’t much like the tray for her swing, not sure she ever will, but we’ll keep on trying.  There are things on it I’d like her to play with to work on some of her hand-eye coordination.

She’s napping better as well, which is nice.  And she’s putting herself on a pretty regular schedule with it as well.  With the rolling over, we’re not swaddling her anymore, but are considering doing the arms-free swaddle sack for the colder weather later this year.  Will look more into it before we decide.


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