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I’ve read that once 6 months hits, that often the development starts to slow down, the growth starts to slow down a bit, in comparison to the first 6 months.  While some things have seemed to slow down some, there are definitely some things that are continuing to progress.  And a lot of things I’ve noticed just within the last couple weeks since she’s turned 6 months.

Her growth is largely still in the 22-23rd percentile.  She’s growing at her own rate, certainly.  But she is growing.  She’s gained some weight, I believe it was 14.4 pounds now, so about 2 pounds give or take since her last appointment.  Her head is getting bigger, big noggin she has.  ❤  But she hasn’t gotten much longer.  Long enough to be pushing in some of the 3 month footie pjs.  Have to move up a size, but she’s still small enough to make the next size up look huge at times.

It still amazes me that she went from very-assisted sitting up to largely unassisted sitting up in such a short time.  I would say it was a matter of days, if that.  She still topples over from time to time, but she’s certainly learning how to work with her sense of balance.  Her reflexes are getting better when she feels she’s too off balance, and will reach out to steady herself on whatever is closest.  She’s definitely turning out to be fiercely independent with this so far, which is so incredibly cute.  I feel better about her sitting up by herself without me right next to her when she’s on her blankets and play mats, as long as there’s nothing hard for her to topple onto. The level of upset she has when she does is decreasing as well.  If she slides and flops over, she largely doesn’t get very upset.  If anything, she gets frustrated.  With all this time spent sitting up on her tush, I’ve noticed that there are times when she seems to relish in some of the times when she’s back on her belly or her back.

Rolling still seems to e her main method of moving around more than a couple of inches, though she seems to me getting a bit of the scoots while on her tush.  She is also from time to time managing to turn herself in different directions while sitting.  Though, we’ve noticed that she is starting to rock forward while sitting to a position that is very much going to assist her in crawling, if she ends up being a crawler.  She has been starting to sit a bit like her mommy did when she was little.  It’s never been overly easy to explain without showing, but here goes.  Instead of sitting indian-style (I know, so un-pc of me, but that’s what I grew up calling it) I would have one or both of my legs bent at the knee with my feet pointing behind me.  The overall effect was a W.  She has adopted a half-version of this, turning her left leg like this while the right stays in front of her.  She then rocks forward onto her left knee.  The right leg remaining in front stabilizes her to some extent, but also hinders her as she seems to get frustrated with not moving onto both knees.

The most I’ve seen her do this has been since I absently leaned the Leap Frog activity table top against some pillows on the floor while moving some things around.  I didn’t put it back on the blankets right away and it seemed that the incline of the table actually attracted her, and she was able to reach more of it, more effectively.  She’s been starting to attempt to get up onto her knees while playing with it, trying to reach for as many things on it as possible, where when laying flat, she can only reach a couple of things at a time past her legs.

We’ve also turned the piano portion of her Kick & Play mat to the “sitting” position, (Thank you, James! I had spaced and forgotten it had that feature) and she’s been having so much fun slapping the “keys” with either her bare hands, or her binky, or anything else she can get her little hands on.

She’s also standing up more often and her legs have been more stable.  She still has a tendency to roll to the side of her feet, but I’m sure that will correct itself in time.  If it doesn’t seem to, I’ll bring it up with the pediatrician at her 9 month visit.  She no longer has blankets folded under her Baby Einstein bouncer, she is now reaching the floor with no problem.  She is also learning that she can bounce, though it hasn’t really sunk in as an actual thing she can do, but is a byproduct of her getting rather excitable and doing her usual “kicking” motion.  I’m hoping to see two and two come together with this soon.

She’s becoming more content in her bouncer for longer periods as well, though not often.  She still likes a lot of variety quite often.  Which certainly has made attempting to rotate her toys very difficult.  Some days she will get bored with every little thing I can find in record time.  At least she doesn’t mind running errands with me, which helps keep her entertained.  A good long morning and afternoon spent out of the house helps to reset her interest in the items she has here in the house.

We’ve found that she absolutely LOVES mirrors.  If only I could find a way to have a mirror down at her level to stare into.  I’ll figure this one out.  I want to at least.  The amount of time she can spend in front of a mirror is more than my back and arms can handle right now.

I’ve started a small collection of fabric/soft “books” for her, which she has seemed to love.  She’s always trying to grab the things we read, and it’s understandably frustrating when we can’t let her do that, so her little books have been a great blessing for her incredibly curious hands and mouth.  She has a cute one for bath time which she can even have in the tub with her.  She has a couple for the upcoming holidays, a baby animal counting one with textures to feel, and an adorable little Princess one that I’ve started keeping in her carseat.  It has the loop-tabs on it so I can hook it to her rings.  Not that it stays on them after she’s had a go at it.

I’d like to write more right now (pain induced insomnia is what finished this particular post) but I should probably head back to bed now that I’m getting some semblance of relief.  More to catch up on soon.  Hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

Goodnight, my friends.


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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