Strange Pain and Birth Control

Not sure the two are related, but it’s something to consider right now.

It’s been six months since I gave birth.  Well, about six and a half.  They said I could start my birth control around six months after my milk production was well established.  And it certainly is.  Going from nearly an hour to nurse one side, to a few minutes?  Killer awesome.

Anywho…back to the topic at hand.  Pain.

Last evening around dinner, I noticed a growing pain in my lower back.  Not overly abnormal.  It then circled to my front, reminding me of the kinds of pain I’ve experienced while on my cycle.  I shrug and figure my body is working it’s way back to being on a cycle, but is having a hard time of it because of the breastfeeding.  I take some Advil.

Ignoring the pain for the most part, we finish preparing dinner, get the bebe set up to eat with us, and get through dinner, her bath and cleaning up from dinner.  We sit  back down to relax for the evening, and I can’t ignore the pain any more.  It strikes me as odd that the Advil didn’t seem to really touch the pain.  I’m able to ignore it for a while, thinking perhaps the Advil is just taking an inordinate amount of time to kick in fully.

We get the baby to bed, and head off to bed ourselves.  Initially when laying down, my back felt better when on the bed, so I fell asleep without too much issue.  Come about her first night time feeding, and it’s noticeably sore, but I can ignore it enough to fall back asleep.  Come the wee hours between 2 and 3 am, and I’m awake again, she’s asleep, and I can’t get comfortable and my back hurts a lot no matter what position I get in.  I stretch and pop it like I usually do, to no avail.  All my tossing and turning wakes the baby and James up.  I have to get out of bed at this point to take more Advil.  Back in bed and I’m in tears out of pain and frustration.  Moving isn’t hard, so it’s not my normal back pain.  I nurse the bebe back to sleepish…before breaking into tears again and having to get up and get my last resort: Percocet from the surgery.  I take half of one and spend some time upstairs to let James and the bebe fall back asleep, waiting for it to kick in.

Well, if any of you have seen my post from last night, that’s what kept me distracted while I let it work it’s magic.  It worked, but not fully.  But enough, that is for sure.  I was able to eventually go back downstairs shortly after 4am, and was able to slip back into bed next to my sleeping lovelies.  I do feel bad for disturbing them so much last night.  I know James didn’t get very good sleep, neither did I, and we’ve both been rather tired lately.  I hope for both our sakes, this passes, and soon.

I’m going to wait this out some, to see if perhaps it is my body attempting to start it’s cycle again.  It’s the only thing I can think of at this point, because I’m not sure it has anything to do with the hike last Sunday, or the sinus infection that hit that night, or the flu shot I got two days ago.  I have been noticing similar pain recently, in the past few weeks, but it’s been short lived.  It didn’t last anywhere close to the amount of hours it’s lasting at this time.

We will have to see.  And until I figure it out, I’m not going to go on my birth control.  I think that can wait a bit longer.  If it is my cycle, then all the better.  I’ll start my birth control.  If it’s something else, that’s good too, I will start my birth control.


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