Moving so quick…

And in so many ways.

She’s still working on her walking, she’s chattering up a storm and really finding her voice.  She works on so many consonants and vowels and sounds that she hasn’t settled on too much other than dada and nainai.

She’s very good at problem solving, though she definitely does have her little pout and whine when she can’t do something, or wants something.  It’s absolutely adorable at this stage.

She loves her walker toy, and gets behind it after pushing it one direction, and goes back the other way.  She has even started moving it around from it’s side, gliding along as she manages to move it.  She’s gliding along the couch, chairs and coffee table very well, and even seems pretty confident when moving around, over or just plain walking on whatever might be in her way.

Her balance is getting really good, she’s been standing for short periods on her own for a handful of days now, first for only a second or two, but sometimes now she stands for a good ten seconds.  She does best when it’s unthinking and she doesn’t realize she’s doing it.  She also does it when she’s a little upset as well, and seems to do it best then, because she really doesn’t realize she’s doing it.  She does it consciously as well, testing herself.

She will not only do it by letting go of whatever she’s braced against, but she has begun rising and lowering in a squatting position on her own, not holding onto anything.  Her squat is actually quite good, she’ll lower herself without sitting on her butt, and just hover in a squat when she’s looking at something or picking something up.  She even will squat, grab something in both arms, then stand with it in her arms for a few moments before plopping back down.

She loves walking holding onto our fingers.  She loves walking with her walker.  She just giggles and squeals and grins the whole time.

She also loves bouncing laps.  It’s certainly a calf work-out after a while.  Even more calf-stretching in my immediate future.  We have a little wooden crate (for those of you in the family that see the month-by-month photos, it’s that crate) that we keep some of her toys in.  She’s learning to stand and lean against it while she pulls anything she can out of it.  Still working on the whole, “in” concept.  She’s got the “out” concept down.

Her crawling is sometimes incredibly fast as well, what I like to affectionately call “hauling diaper”.  It’s adorable these days with how excited she gets sometimes.  She’s starting to get the concept of “go fast, and they’ll chase me!”  She pants and giggles when she does this sometimes.  Either away from us, toward us, or just toward something that she wants to go inspect.  She loves glass doors.

She’s also learning “close”.  She started the other day with opening and getting into the snack cabinet herself, pulling out a half-empty box of K-cups, tossing them everywhere, then pointedly closing the cabinet door.  I think she’s getting it from all the times she has “helped Mommy” close the freezer drawer, the dishwasher door.  She also took the swinging door part of the gate at the top of the stairs away from me when I came through it from setting something by the front door and closed it for me.  Didn’t try to open it or go through it, just made a point of closing it for me.  She does crawl off to her room sometimes to pull all the blankets off the shelf by the door.  Now she’s playing with the door, getting it out from behind the diaper pail and pushing it closed.  It’s kind of funny when she manages to close it, she then whines because she can’t see me.  It makes me giggle.

Seems like there’s so much she’s progressing on, and now that I think of it, I think that is part of why she’s having a hard time going back down at night after her first night feeding.  She has to lay with one of us in order to get any sleep at all.  She sleeps with James, usually up on the couch until he can set her back in the crib, or with me, nursing.  She sleeps to some extent, but it isn’t great sleep.  She ends up wanting to nap by about 8-8:30am.  This whole thing has been completely throwing off the routine she had gotten into.  I probably should stop expecting any of those routines to ever stick for very long, but it’s hard to get out of the habit of thinking it’s going to last.



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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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