First Flights with Bebe!

February 1st was our first flights with the bebe.  Needless to say, I was quite unsure of how things were going to go.  We of course brought the carseat, and luckily for the first leg of flights were able to bring it onto the plane for free without having to buy a third ticket.  It was a very early flight so we decided to get a ride out to the airport the night before and get a hotel room so we didn’t have to get up as early then take the airporter at 2am to get there by 4am to fly out by 6am.

This was also the first time she’s ever spent a full night away from home in another place.  Didn’t go so well.  They did have play pens, which was good.  But she didn’t like it at all.  I ended up having to bring her to bed, which of course, hasn’t worked in ages.  She moves so much and takes forever to settle down, if she ever does.  So I dropped all the blankets and pillows down onto the floor between the beds so that I could attempt to nurse her then let her flop around all she wanted until she found a comfortable position.  Eventually James switched with me since she sleeps easier and faster with him (I still think it’s the lack of mammary glands on his part).  Yeah, we didn’t get much sleep since we had to get up around 3:30am anyway to get packed back up, showered and into the shuttle by 4:30 to get to the airport by 5am.

The first good news we got was that there were a few unoccupied seats, so we were able to bring the car seat onto the plane for free for the baby, instead of having to hold her the whole time.  She’s such a mover, I knew it was going to be very interesting trying to keep her in our laps for so many hours at a time.  She tends to do better when she’s in her car seat.

The first flight was good, we let her go between us while we were waiting to go, then put her in the car seat when the engines came on, and in no time flat she was passed out.  (Not surprising since it was a soothing sound for her and the lack of sleep.)  She slept through the entire take off, even the super loud change in the engines.  She did just fine with the initial pressure changes.  She was a hoot through the first flight.  She was just taking in everything and looking around, looking out the window, cheesing with the people sitting around us, waving to people…it was fun.  She certainly didn’t like the descent at all and the depressurization.  I had to nurse her through it, and most of the time she ended up falling asleep during the nursing.

We had a three hour layover between our first flight and second flight to Florida, so we stopped in the small USO, which was nice and quiet.  We let her play around with some toys and get some moving around in while we ate some lunch.  She definitely needed it.  Then toward the end James held her so she would take a nap before our next flight.  We had to call the hotel while we were in the USO so that we could have them check our room for my cell phone, which, like a doof I left behind.  I had everything else set to go, organized, packed….even the charging cords.  And I left my damned phone behind.  So we had it sent to my parents house, it was certainly interesting to not have it for the better part of a week.  Or my laptop for almost two weeks.  Was in some ways kind of nice.

Zoe and I both got hit by a sinus infection on the flights.  I kind of expected something to happen since I seem to always get a sinus infection when traveling on planes during the winter season.  Though, I’m really glad because of that that we went to Florida first, because the weather there was warm and slightly humid, which is great for respiratory issues.


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