Bebe’s first time in Florida!

We finally were able to get out of Washington and get out to the East Coast to visit family.  This time around, we stopped in Florida first, which was fortuitous since we got sinus infections from flying.  The weather there was nice, in the 70’s and warm with a cool breeze and supper sunny.  Though, since this was the first time Zoe has ever flown, it took a bit for her to adjust.  On top of being sick and having a fever, it was a bit hard on her the first day and a half.

We arrived later in the evening, so we went straight to James’ mother’s house where we would be sleeping while there, and were able to hang out with our nephew Colby as well, who came with Dianne to pick us up.  As usual it was hectic trying to catch up with what everyone has going on in their lives, and playing with the baby.  She was definitely off because of the flight, and bad sleep and horrible naps, but she gets so excited around people, she was pretty entertained by Colby on the drive.

The next day we hung out with Gill as she did her Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics.  It was a gorgeous day.  Zoe did well with the warm weather, and enjoyed playing with the cool sand in the shade.  There was a lot of music being played and she liked hanging onto the beach chair and dancing in place, much to the entertainment of everyone.  We then spent some time hanging out with everyone over at Gil’s house (Zoe’s aunt).  She turned out to have a fever, so she was getting rather tired and very overwhelmed with meeting everyone.  It was very hard to get her to nap much or well with everything going on.  But by that night her fever had broken and when most everyone had left to go back to their own houses, Zoe was feeling better and acting more like herself.

Sunday was the Superbowl, which was certainly fun.  Before heading over to Gil’s, we went out to breakfast with Mom and Mike so Mike could meet the baby.  Lots of good snacky food was made, lots of good company and a much happier and sociable baby!  Lots of dogs, as well.  She was so cute with the dogs at first.  Most of them are very small dogs, so it wasn’t too intimidating for her.  Though…there were 6 of them.  When the puppies would get in her face, she’d basically do a “talk to the hand” move with them and push them away from her gently.  It was so cute.  Most of us were nearly asleep by the end of the game, however.

Back to Nana’s we went.  We ended up putting Zoe down in the other room in the playpen to sleep, but after a few hours she’d wake up and get spooked being in a new place, so we’d bring her into our room, I’d nurse her and then she’d sleep on the floor with James.

Monday we took Mom to work and borrowed her car to go see Debbie, Kenny and Papa KC, Jake also came out to meet us and have lunch after he went hunting with his Dad.  Was a great time.  Zoe was a peach and everyone loved her, and she had a great time playing with the ketchup.

Tuesday was a day for relaxing for us.  We drove Mom to work, then went on a long drive so Zoe could nap and we could just hang out and talk and see the area.  It was nice.  Then we stopped off at the beach by Ron Jon’s to let Zoe see the beach, feel the sand and test the water.  It was a bit cold, but she loved it.  She was so excited and just tickled at the whole experience.  We tried to keep it to just her feet getting wet, but she managed to pull loose and crawl in the sand and straight toward the water.  She wanted in!  I have the feeling she’s going to be a water baby.

Wednesday we flew up to CT.


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