Bebe’s First Time in Connecticut!

It was really nice to have a direct flight for once from Florida to CT.  Left Florida late in the morning, and arrived in CT that afternoon/evening.  Was lovely to not have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn, or get picked up nearly in the middle of the night.  Definitely going to be looking pointedly for more direct flights from now on.

We had a late lunch/early dinner on the way back to my parents house, which was nice.  Had some really good food, but for the life of me can’t remember where we stopped.  Some chain, but it wasn’t half bad.  Then we continued our ride back into CT to settle in at my parent’s place.  We debated back and forth whether or not to keep the pack n play in the other spare bedroom or in ours.  We ended up sticking with keeping it in the room we were sleeping in.  It worked out pretty well.  With both of us still dealing with the remnants of the sinus infections we arrived in Florida with, the super dry winter air up in Connecticut was pretty harsh on us.  Thankfully my parents have both dehumidifiers and humidifiers.  We kept the humidifier running in our room to ease our breathing, especially at night.  And it was pretty nice white noise for her.

Spent the evening just hanging out with my parents and catching up on things, then munched a bit in the evening and playing with Zoe until she went to bed.  We were quite surprised that when we went to bed we didn’t disturb her much at all as we got into bed.  She is usually a pretty light sleeper, so this was a nice surprise for us.

The next day was a bit of a hectic one, but eventually we managed to get all packed up to go up to the Boston area to hang out with my brother and his wife and have some dinner before heading over to the school he teaches at to see that evening’s concert.  It was certainly fun as always, but unfortunately, Zoe was in such a good mood, that she was actually gaining attention for being in a good mood and giggling.  And she wasn’t even being that loud.  And the new and uncomfortable parents we are…James took her out of the auditorium after I tried to calm her down.  Sheesh.  Still kinda peeved about that.  Spent time in and out of the auditorium checking on James and Zoe.  Eventually she got tired and wanted to nap, so he had to stay out with her almost the entire evening.  Managed to get her to sleep a little before we had to go, then she napped eventually in the car ride back to Connecticut.

Through all this, we were hearing about the snow that was supposed to hit, and having grown up with so many false reports of “massive snow storms”, I really didn’t think it would be as bad as they were saying it was going to be.  We did wake up to a bit of snow, and lots of cancellations were going on.  My brother and his wife were originally planning on coming down on Saturday night and go back up to Boston on Sunday, but with the threats of the snow and just how much they were saying, they decided to trek down on Friday after they received confirmation of their districts closing down.  Which was a good idea because by the time they got here, it had settled into a handful of inches, enough that the plow wasn’t getting to the pavement.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a steady downfall of snow in years.  We were all quite surprised at just how much ended up falling.  Our area of CT ended up with at least two feet.  We were taking pictures at different parts of the day into the evening to show the progression of accumulation.  And it was just amusing to see the back deck and the table back there.  It normally has tiles set into it, but they were taken down and stored in the garage for the winter, so the snowfall was making the table look like a giant marshmallow waffle.

Zoe did fantastically with meeting her Uncle John and Aunt Kari.  We had a great, relaxing day hanging out and catching up with each other while the snow fell.  Then we had the traditional pasta dinner.  Lots of great conversation, but quite a bit of it focusing on Zoe, and quite a bit of hilarity with her eating pasta and cheesing with everyone.  She was certainly the evening’s main entertainment.  Eventually we all went to our respective rooms to sleep, in great moods and ready to deal with digging out the next day.

Sometime in the night, the power went out.

And didn’t come back on.

Thankfully the house was being kept reasonably warm and despite the power being out for a portion of the night, it wasn’t so bad in the morning.  Cooler than it usually is, of course, but not overly uncomfortable at first.  We all bundled up and gathered and had a pow wow over what was going and planning to deal with it.  Sometime in the mid morning, the sun came out and the snow stopped and good lord we didn’t expect it to have accumulated as much as it had over night.

It was definitely going to be a very interesting and daunting task digging the house out.  Thankfully my dad has a snow blower, which took him years to concede to getting.  They don’t necessarily “need” it often, but when it counts, they have it which is good.  Especially since my dad helps out the neighbors when it snows.  He got out there and started some paths from the garage to the front and back doors, then mom and I dug out as much of the spare snow gear as we could manage to out fit her, my brother, his wife and James so that they could all help.  Thankfully the sun was out and the snow had stopped and I think that had a lot to do with them managing to keep their good spirits about them as they worked.

I had to stay inside with the bebe (aside from the back issues) to keep her entertained and make sure she stayed warm and well-fed to keep her energy up.  The saving grace during the day was definitely the picture window in the living room and the direct sunlight it was getting.  During the time we were in CT, it was amazing to see her appetite growing so much for food and her nursing spaced out to about every 4-5 hours.

It took a while, but with everyone helping, they managed to clear a path, the driveway, a path to the back door, and the back deck.  Lunch was good, can’t go wrong with sandwiches.  It was otherwise pretty uneventful while waiting for the power to come back on.  Lots of naps were taken by everyone at some point to pass the time and conserve energy that was being used trying to stay warm.  We did have a wind-up radio that we used to try to keep informed on what was going on in the state.  It was amusing passing it around to take turns winding it up.

Come night, we had been waiting to use the fireplace until the sun went down so we didn’t waste any of the fire wood.  We still weren’t sure just how long the power would be out.  So a fire was started in the fireplace as the sun was disappearing behind the trees.  Eventually we figured that once the fire was going nicely, we would be able to roast some hot dogs for something warm to eat.  It went rather quick, but it was certainly worth it.  Zoe got to have her first taste of beef hot dogs that night.  She had been going through crackers and puree pouches all day so she didn’t eat a whole lot, but she had fun trying something new.

After that, we decided to play Apples to Apples by firelight and flashlight and candle light.  And of course, break open some wine to help keep us warm.  😀  It was a great game, and extremely amusing.  My mom, brother, his wife, James and I all played while my dad played on the floor with Zoe to keep her out of the cards.

Just as we were finishing up the game, the power came back and and boy were we happy!  One night without power is one thing, when you go to bed and the house is warm.  It’s entirely another to go to bed in a cold house and possibly wake up in an even colder house!  Thankfully it was early enough that we all stayed up for a while longer catching up on the news and waiting for the worst of the chill to go away as the heat kicked on.  We were even able to take a couple layers off Zoe before putting her down in the play pen.

It was very nice to be able to get packed to go in a warm house.  In some ways it was kind of sad that we couldn’t get out and do more, but at the same time, it was really nice spending quiet time with the family.  We were a bit worried the area wouldn’t be dug out enough for us to get to the airport, but we did finally get plowed, and the main roads by then were just fine to drive on.  There were a lot of cancellations and re-routing of a lot of flights, but ours was one of the first set that was allowed on time.  Unfortunately, we hit quite a bit of air-junk on our first leg, which delayed us.  The descent and landing was so rough, and took so long, the toddler in front of us threw up all over her grandmother.

We barely made it onto the connecting flight, and they wouldn’t find someone to move so we could sit together.  Man, was I not happy about that.  Granted, I knew that they were in a rush and all, but it would have taken a minute to do it.  So…stressed, tired, not feeling well and having an anxiety attack (which was ignored by the flight staff), Zoe and I went through take off sandwiched between two strangers.  Once we could, I got up so that I could change her diaper, but the front bathroom (which is the only one with a changing table) wouldn’t free up long enough for me to get to it.  So I started toward the back, and of course was stopped by the flight staff to tell me it didn’t have one.  Tears streaming down my face already, was still ignored.  I frantically looked for James and went back to him anyway.  The lady sitting next to him saw my face and instantly asked if we would like her to switch with me.  She was SO nice.  I think I might have thanked her a bit profusely.  James made me sit down and took Zoe to change her.  I didn’t realize just how bad I was getting inside while trying to keep as calm as possible until I sat down.  I was shaking pretty hard.  Took a bit to calm down.  I really had no idea how I was going to even attempt to handle nursing her in between two complete strangers in such close quarters.  Thankfully I didn’t have to.  Once things settled down a bit, we got Zoe fed and calmed down, James took her and put her to sleep.  Only then did one of the flight staff address how I was feeling.  She ended up bringing me a red wine on the house to help calm me down.

Eventually we made it back to Washington, but the trip wasn’t done there.  We hadn’t arranged for transportation back to the house (derp), so we had to take the airporter back to town, then get a taxi to the house.  But good lord, we were all happy to be there.



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