Crafty Baby!

I usually have a ton of crafty ideas rattling around in my head, and I feel like I should probably start writing things down.  I’ve been thinking about ways to use some of the stuff you get that you may not necessarily want to keep as is around for the next kid, which may not even work for the next kid.

1.  Sew receiving blankets together to make a quilt, or a toy hammock to hang up in a corner of the room, or use to cover a cork trivet (or cork anything) to use as wall art or places to put pictures, or turn into pillows, or turn into security blankets by turning the center into a stuffed animal with felt/yarn details.

2.  Use clothing to make stuffed dolls, or cut out the main parts of the clothing to make quilts, or to also use over cork to make wall art.  Got clothing you’ve gotten clean but are stained beyond fixing?  Use as filler for rag dolls, or pillows.

3.  Left over plastic baby food containers?  Great for storing clean binkies/pacifiers in pairs.  Great to grab and go!  Moving from puree to solids?  Use the containers to portion finger foods in the fridge, also great to grab and go!  For safe keeping, use mini rubber bands to make sure they stay closed when in the diaper bag.  You can use non-toxic kid’s paint to label the containers for specific things, either with words or pictures of what goes in each container.

4.  Make accessories for your toddler out of any bits and pieces of clothing or other fabric items.  Bows for hair, bows to put on headbands, spruce up a sweater with a set of rosettes or a bow, make a “grass skirt” for dress up, can use any kids clothing, or even your own old clothing.  Great for washing, since you know it can be!

5.  Make patchwork pieces to cover sturdy boxes for toy storage, to use as “baskets” on shelves for organizing things.  Use really see-through fabric bits and glue or modge podge little glass candle holders (use battery operated lights around kids) for a pretty little accent.  Great for impromptu/temporary night lights.

6.  Got older toddlers/kids?  Teaching them how to braid or tie shoes?  Cut long strips of cloth and sew the ends together for braiding, with a loop  on the end you can hook to something for stability (or hold  while they practice), tie two strips to two adjacent points and have them tie a bow in the middle for shoe tying practice.  The bigger the pieces in the beginning, the better they can hold, and really see what they are doing.  Progressively get smaller until they can do the real thing!

7.  Leftover sheets?  Cover a 1×8 board, and decorate with other pieces of cloth or felt to make a giant ruler to record heights on one side, and practice numbers on the other, hang securely on a wall, and you can take with you if you move!

8.  Kid have a favorite character?  Disney Princesses, Cars etc?  Cut the sides out of birthday gift bags and “frame” them with thin strips of craft board and hang as cheap, temporary art instead of spending a ton on posters!  Sturdier than posters, don’t have to spend monkey on actually framing them to protect them and don’t feel bad if they get damaged or tossed because of kids changing their interests!

9.  Have old favorite books, or able to get some from a swap meet or Goodwill?  Modge Podge  the top of a kid’s table for a personal touch and a cleanable top!  Can also do to the seats that go with the table, or any other parts of the set.  Have an older set you want to spruce up?  Don’t want to spend the money on a new set?  Want to spruce up a furniture set?  (Heck, you can do it with poetry or maps or whatever else you find cool looking.)

Don’t worry, I’ll post more entries like this as I come across or figure out more crafty ideas!  (Heck, I need it for my reference, let alone anyone else’s!)


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Wife, student, new first time mother. Crafter and creator. Animal enthusiast. I had a miscarriage in March 2011. But we tried again. March, 2012 was the birth of my first child. Off and on I have been dabbling with small business, trying to get it off the ground since, every so often changing direction.

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