Thankful for… Veterans Day – Day 11 2013

November 11, 2013

Veteran’s Day

This is going to be a bit wandering, as most of my longer posts are.  Forgive me.

While I haven’t always agreed with the agenda of the political guys, I have come to appreciate the sacrifice of those who were willing to put themselves in the position to protect the rest of us.

I may not agree with the things they are ordered to do, and I grieve as much for all the innocent people lost as I do for those lost from our own country, the idea that there have been people for ages and ages willing to put themselves in the way of those who would harm us has always been incredible to me.

As a mother, I would do the same thing for my children, my family, and friends were there a situation that arose.  But there are people who find such a duty in it.

Yes, for many it’s a job most often, and they aren’t necessarily always in harm’s way.  Yes, it for some was a way to go to college.  Yes, and for some it was with the idea that they might actually go to war.  I accept that there are some people out there like that.  Do I agree with it?  No.  But it is there.  And because there are people out there that are so bloodthirsty because of their beliefs, or hates, or whatever reason they may have, an unfortunate truth of our lifetimes and those before ours that there has to have been those willing to meet that threat.

I wish so much that that wasn’t such a massive truth for human kind.  And I hope that there is a glimmer of hope that that will eventually change.

But there are those in past times that had no choice.  I won’t pretend to understand the mindset of anyone who would join the military in times of war.  I won’t pretend to understand the mindset of those who tried to flee the drafts of the past.  (Though, I think I could lament.)  I can’t imagine the things that people went through during any war.  I don’t want to.  I am appreciative of their sacrifices however, so that I could be sitting here, in my home, with my family writing this blog post.

My grandfather, my uncles, my father, cousins, my husband’s family, our friends, and in this moment, most especially my husband.  It’s true that in most times it is really more a job than anything else, and I guess that’s what helps me get through it.  There are a some dangerous jobs out there, so in those times I try to think of it like that, rather than something scarier.  I am lucky in that my husband is in the Navy, and in our time we have been far luckier than the other branches of the U.S. Military.  I have never forgotten that since I realized that I was indeed dating my husband.  I have said it more time than I can possibly attempt to count.

People often thank me for his choice.  And I thank them for their support, but in no way have I ever tried to make it seem more a sacrifice than those branches that are sent so much quicker into battle.  I have always been quick to show that I’m extremely thankful that he’s Navy, and not in the front lines.  And that my heart hurts for those who are, and their families and friends.

I am thankful that it provides an incredible amount of stability in a lot of ways, even if in some ways it takes away some stability.  In a time when people are having a hard time getting through and holding or getting jobs, we have a steady paycheck.  And I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband who learned about responsibility and has an interest and fantastic ability to handle finances very, very well.  He has not taken for granted the money this career choice has afforded him.  We have a home, we have vehicles, we have clothing, we have food.  We have the things we need, and can often afford the things we want.  Even if that means he is away from time to time, that was his choice, and I support him in that the best way I know how.

He supports me, us, our child, our family in the best way HE knows how.  And that involves him being a part of the United States Navy.

I thank him in the ways I know how, by keeping his home, by loving him, supporting him and trying to keep myself strong and healthy and understanding of him, and his job and the time he has to spend away.  By being both mother and father to our child when he is gone.  By taking over the things he’s set up so that things are taken care of.  By learning from him the tools he uses while he’s home.  By respecting his choices and trusting in his choices and doing what he would do were he here.  By taking care of the child we were blessed to create together.  By making sure she continues to grow and be healthy, and learn and know who he is for when he returns to us.  And to someday let her know that what he does is important, and that it won’t be forever, and that his love for her is as great as our love is for him.

And by living life, and loving life, and making the choices I make, I am thanking every last veteran that ever was or will be, every last active duty member, and each and every one of their loved ones, their families, their friends for being supportive.  By living the life they work to protect for us.



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