2 Year Checkup and Tantrums

This is going to be a short one, just a little update on the medical side of things.

As usual with Navy dealings….today took far longer than it should have, but c’est la vie.

Doctor’s appointment for her wellness check, which went very well.  She’s growing on her own curve and is progressing well.  Her height is 32 inches (about that, if I’m remembering correctly), her weight is just over 24 pounds (which might have tipped because of her clothing and her clunky shoes), and her head circumference is just where it should be.

Her behavior and development is on track, definitely have a few things I’ve been wanting to work on, that were confirmed in the visit.  Her speech is going fantastically, she’s recently jumped from 2-3 word phrases to 5-6 word sentences.

She also had a few of her shots as well, and the last of them will be done early next month.  I’ll be so happy when they’re done.  She was a trooper as always, and we had to go to the pharmacy after that, which of course took forever.  She managed to make some new buddies while we were down there and were basically running laps up and down the main part of that floor at the hospital.  At least it kept her busy, it bode well immediately following her shots as well.  She usually falls right asleep after her shots, but since we didn’t get into the car right away, it was nice to see she was so active.  She did fall asleep in the car when James took her right after I got home so he could pop in on the RV then go to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner.

They seemed very pleased with everything.  We did discuss a bit on behavior when it comes to her temper tantrums and her fits over not getting her way over any little thing during the day.  As much as our attempts have been well-intentioned, I am more than willing to shift the “cry it out” method from bedtime and naptime to her temper tantrums.

I have no illusions that it’ll be easy, but considering how her “cry it out” has worked on nap-time and bedtime, I’m hoping that this goes pretty quick for everything else as well, at least at home.  When we do use the “cry it out” method with her, it works pretty darned quick.  A matter of a few days, and she’s back on track for the most part.

I know I can’t really do the same kind of thing out in public, but I certainly do a modified version of it, which seems to work.  It’s a bit harder when both my husband and I are there, because she can bounce back and forth between us for quite a while, but when it’s just us, I hold her until she fully calms down, not moving, and telling her over and over that we’re not moving or doing anything until she does as I want her to do (which usually means sitting in a shopping cart).  It’s worked so far.  The first time is always the worst, and after that it gets shorter and shorter, and eventually she sits in the cart with no problems.  She’ll revert from time to time, usually when all three of us are together, because she wants to either walk, or be held by the hubs.

But back to the whole meltdown at home.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I know it’s not going to be easy, but I do hope that at the very least it won’t take long.  It’s very hard not to try to engage her when she’s getting upset over something, especially being told “no” over something.  Even more so when she’s being very physical over something.  I suppose that is going to be a part of it, getting extracted from whatever she’s clinging to be it me, or something else.  Or, if it’s not going to damage anything, or is not a danger to her, to just let her cling until she gets past her little fit.

Not talking to her is going to be the hardest thing.  We’ve gotten so used to explaining things to her, or trying to reason with her, because sometimes those things work.  But they aren’t lately, to the point where a whole new approach was definitely necessary.





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