Toddlers and Teeth (Doctors)

We’ve been talking about getting Zoe signed up with a dentist for a while, especially since we just went to her two year appointment and it came up.

And luckily enough, I was going to my own dentist just two days after her appointment, and since it’s a family dentistry office, I was in luck!  Though, the fact that they’d moved (again) definitely had me a bit worried.  Their new office is actually quite large compared to their last place in the heart of Silverdale, and I’m not entirely sure they were specifically a family office before.

The new office is quite nice, though I did end up going to two different doors in the complex before I finally found the right one!  It has a cute little area for kids, and it’s nicely equipped with some toys and lots of books, and an entire little area for them to sit and play, and the people working there all seem like extremely nice people.

At the end of my appointment I asked them about what I had to do to get Zoe signed up, whether or not I had to get insurance involved, and all that.  Turns out they just like to start getting kids in there around age 2 to “take a ride in the chair” and get used to the surroundings. They will try to take a look at her teeth, but other than that, it’s just a bunch of dry-runs.  They can’t do any x-rays until she’s at least three years old, which she won’t be until after we move.  It’s a shame it’ll be a whole new office for her at that point, but hopefully the visits will help her get accustomed to the idea of it.  She’s pretty observant and her memory is very good so far, so hopefully when we find a new office back in SC, she’ll be ok with it seeing a relatively familiar set-up.


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