Dwelling On vs. Acknowledging Something Negative

This is something I’ve been working on for a long, long time.  I still need to revisit it from time to time, especially when dealing with either my depression, my anxiety, or both.

Sometimes I struggle with it more in some moments, not because of my own mind, but because of the reactions of others if I bring up something negative that is going on, or something I’m feeling that is negative, or some kind of issue I need to bounce off someone, or even something that isn’t that huge of a deal and I just mention it off-hand to someone, and their response is just so negative in return that it throws me for a loop for a while.

Toss into that mix the ridiculous amount of brain power and time I spend re-playing conversations in my head, or the things I would have said had I had the opportunity, or had thought of it at the time, or just plain wished I said but bit my tongue.

These are often times when I realize that I forget that lots of people’s brains and thought processes just do not work the way mine does, and I shouldn’t dwell on their reaction, because they don’t always know exactly where I’m coming from in the moment.

There are many things I try very hard, every single day, not to dwell on.  Some days are easier than others, depending on my “levels” that day (hormones, depression, anxiety).  The days where it’s easy are the days I long for.  I wish they were in the majority, not the minority.  Yet another thing for me to occasionally dwell on.  The list gets vast.

But… all said, I’m definitely getting better at reminding myself not to dwell.

The next step that I’m actively starting to realize is to communicate my feelings in some way, either here, or to my husband, or to a friend, in order to at least release that energy out into the universe and rid my body and mind of it, at least for a while.  The release is something I’ve struggled incredibly with for a long time, and it’s something I have just plain forgotten for far too long.

That brings me often to dwelling on feeling like I’m a burden on those around me, because of the things I struggle with internally.  I feel like if I go through a period where I am consistently needing to release something stressful, anxiety-ridden, or worrying that I’m slipping into depression, that I’m just going to drag everyone down around me.  I dwell on thinking that the only way a conversation pertaining to those things can only go down, and not end in a place where I’m actually doing better than I was when I started.  Which, intellectually, I know is a fallacy.

I dwell on being “too needy”, not independent enough, too emotional, too unstable, not actually capable of adulting, even though I manage it without any major disasters every single day.

I’ve too often forced a smile onto my face, bit back the tears, and swallowed the rising lump and bile in my throat, so I don’t make anyone’s day worse than it might already be.

I don’t want to be “that guy”, so they say.

And perhaps because of that, because of the standard that I’ve managed to create in my own life, it can often feel like I’m not allowed to feel my feelings.  I’m not allowed to break down.  I’m not allowed to get frustrated and huff.

Do I need to find better ways to handle my emotions?  Absolutely.  No doubt in my mind.  But I also need to feel like I’m allowed to feel my feelings without repercussion, as long as I’m not taking it out on someone.  I want to be told (pretty much like a child) that it’s ok to feel mad about something.  It’s ok to feel sad about something.  It’s ok to feel anxious about something.  It’s ok to feel frustrated over something.  I want to know that it’s ok.  That I’m not less of a person for it.

I also need to communicate when I start feeling this way.  I know that. And I’m certainly trying.  Perhaps the key (sometimes) to not dwelling, is to talk.  To put a name to the emotions.



Choosing To Be Happy

This is something that I’ve been reminding myself of, and I’m glad I found this old writing so I can save it again, and perhaps have it help others.  The day I wrote this was a huge epiphany for me, and one that I’ve had to re-realize many times since.

Choosing to be happy…

by Mary over 2 years ago

I’ve learned that it is far harder (when coming from a place of constant negativity and bad moods) to -make the choice- to BE happy and t force yourself to smile.

It’s absolutely a choice in my mind.

It’s so easy to wallow, to focus on the negative things, to let yourself fall into depressive states (with the acception of chemical imbalances).

It’s harder to make the choice to smile, to be in a better mood, to not focus on all the bad things. It’s harder to continue to make that choice minute to minute, day to day, to remain as positive as possible.

Eventually it gets easier, as long as the maintenance is there, the support is there, and the situations themselves get better. To make the choice to change as many negative things into positive things, to get away from bad influences and to create a better, more positive environment.

But, on the flip side, it’s always good to remember to learn balance in this, to allow yourself times to get out the negative energies one way or another so that they don’t build up and blow up. Times where you give yourself permission to just curl up and cry and wail out for a bit to purge the feelings and go back to feeling centered.

Support in whatever needed form is good, even if it means a verbal or physical smack to get your head straight sometimes.

Ways To Boost Communication (<2yrs)

Ways to boost communication…

Another old writing of mine.  Short and sweet, but it’s neat to look back on things.

by Mary over 2 years ago

It is a very, very, very common issue, not being very effective with communication of feelings.

Basically sometimes it just takes baby steps into getting more comfortable first with knowing your feelings, accepting that they are there and what they are at any given time, and being able to communicate those things to yourself first and foremost.

(Private journal)

Then moving to being able to communicate those things to those around you. Which can be as simple as merely stating out loud the simple things to start, like if you’re happy, say you’re happy. Let it be a “heard” thing.

If there are things you need to communicate that are on the more serious side, being able to get them all down in a coherent mass first usually helps a lot of people. It’s a place where you can privately get it all out, read it over, and adjust where you feel it needs to be adjusted for clarity. Then handing it over for someone else to read and consider over a period of time, and to respond to properly, without the instant emotions that come with discussing actively and on the spot.

As the little steps become easier, move on to the harder things, and go back to the beginning if necessary, rinse and repeat.

Maintaining Maintenance in Relationships

(This is a product of many, many days of work, re-work, editing, and more work.  Still not sure just how clear it is.  I think I’ve spent too much time on it.)

For things to work, things need maintenance.

Here’s some parallels that hopefully get this point across to my readers (what few I hope I have) as they have to individual people I’ve talked to over the years.

For you car/boat lovers:  Vehicles of all kinds need maintenance to run well.  That’s a no brainer.  And regular maintenance at that.  You don’t just buy it and expect it to work perfectly all the time without the maintenance and putting gas in it, and all that fun stuff.  It’s work, but it’s worth it to have something nice/have some fun!

For you health buffs:  The body needs maintenance, right?  Stretching, working out, eating right.  It’s work!  But it keeps you in the shape you want to be in, right?

I’m sure y’all are starting to get the point.  The things we like often need maintenance to do what we want them to do.

The house?  A good foundation.  A strong structure.  And maintenance needs to happen on a lot of parts that make up the house.  Occasional updates on core aspects like wiring, plumbing, windows.  And for looks, sometimes things need to be updated or sometimes overhauled.

The same goes for relationship, with or without kids.

The foundation starts with the couple.  A strong, solid, well-built foundation is required for everything else to be built off of.  Which means a good, strong partnership where both are sensitive to each other, but also willing to work hard at maintaining the strength.  Fixing the cracks.  But it has to be done as a partnership.  Both are responsible for the solidarity it takes.

The foundation is also where the child/ren will find their footing.  I’ve definitely learned this from the things I’ve seen over the years, and have come to light in memory now that I’ve had my first child.  All those things that you hear?  Most of them have some nugget of truth to them.  And as hard as it is sometimes to constantly put forward what can feel like the “perfect parent” facade around the kids…it actually is incredibly important.  Because they really do feed off of us, our energy, our moods.  Things tend to snowball.  Maintenance needs to be done on ourselves and how we do things from seemingly small, everyday things to the big things.

It’s not just about doing some primping as a woman (if you’re into that) to feel better.  It’s not just about getting a little time with the guys to feel better.  It’s about taking the time to consciously and actively pay attention to your feelings on a regular basis.  Consciously making the effort to communicate better with yourself and with those around you.  But the biggest thing is being honest with yourself.  If you can’t be honest with yourself, then you aren’t being fully honest with those around you.

It’s hard to be able to know and acknowledge things in your own head sometimes.  This much I do know.  Sometimes it’s just so second nature to just think you’ve let something roll off your back when it really hasn’t and it’s just getting put into that little invisible bucket.  And when things finally fill it up to the point where it just spills over seemingly out of nowhere…it’s hard to really sit back and not blow up.  This is something that I still battle with from time to time.  Though, I’m hoping that writing more often will help keep this from happening as much.

It’s hard to deal with the issue of stuffing things away when you don’t realize you’re doing it.  I’ve been trying to figure this one out for a long, long time.  And I hope that I do.  I can only guess at the kinds of things I can do to try to eventually stumble upon something that will work.  I’m hoping that remembering to blog more often does the trick.  Or at the very least will help me remember to face my emotions head on on a regular basis.

I know that this kind of thing isn’t the best method for everyone.  But sometimes just having a little notebook to scribble things into sometimes for no one else but you, can help.  You don’t need to be a wordsmith.  You don’t have to be writing it for anyone but yourself.  It doesn’t even have to contain full sentences.  It can simply be a scribble (literally), a few words that pop into your head, or jotting down an idea or thought.  Sometimes just seeing it down somewhere other than your brain can help us evaluate our own thoughts and feelings in a more effective way, which hopefully translates into our verbal communications with others.

Communication doesn’t have to be lengthy or wordy, either.  The more concise, the better it is ofttimes.  (Oooh, check out that word.  :D)  I just happen to like words.  They tend to come out more interestingly in my typing than my speaking, but they do pop up now and then in the spoken form for me.  Much to the amusement of my husband and friends.

Now, communication is ofttimes (there it is again!) emotionally charged.  Which is both good and not necessarily good.  We communicate constantly, both verbally and non-verbally pretty much every second of every day.  Communication isn’t limited to the times we sit down and talk pointedly with people for a purpose.  And if we just try to be more plain and more immediate about our needs, wants, and feelings…then the blowups and the serious sit downs don’t have to happen as often.

Part of communication is definitely the ability to listen.  To quiet your own inner voice at times, to REALLY listen and hear what the other person is saying, or trying to say.  It seems like such a simple thing, but often we have our own inner monologues going that actually do more harm than good when it comes to really internalizing the things someone else is saying to us.  Sometimes we think we’re great listeners.  Often, that is not the case.

Feelings are feelings.  (I may have said this before, here and elsewhere.)  Feelings aren’t controllable.  Reactions because of feelings can be relatively controlled.  However, when someone tells you how they feel, don’t invalidate their feelings by just telling them they’re misinterpreting you and leave it at that.  If they are misinterpreting you and you didn’t mean it that way, you need to re-evaluate the way you’re saying things.  It isn’t just on the person who is feeling something to take sole responsibility for how they are feeling.  Those feelings definitely stem from outside influence.  The point of someone talking about their feelings, whether it be good or bad, is to communicate something, and to get some communication in return.  The reciprocity of communication, if effective and forward moving, is good.  If the reciprocity doesn’t do anything but push things back, and in reverse, then there’s a major issue.

And when it comes to our own feelings, we can’t let our reactions to our feelings lead to taking them out negatively on people that had nothing to do with those feelings inherently.  It’s not fair.

Life is entirely too short to let our personal relationships devolve into a “tit for tat” kind of mentality.  We shouldn’t take out our frustrations and stress on those we love, regardless of whether or not their part of the source of that stress.  We should make the feelings known, then work TOGETHER to try to figure out how to change things in order to reduce stress.

We should help each other in any way we know how, and learn some new ways to help each other (you know, that whole…maintenance thing) in order to make life less stressful for yourself, your partner, your family.  The responsibility is shared.  It’s not completely delegated out and left to one person or the other all the time.  That is also not fair.  The love we have for each other isn’t just about the physical.  And the physical shouldn’t be treated as some kind of manipulative reward system.  (Bloody hell, I hate how this is constantly portrayed as ok in different media.)   Doing something nice should also not be some kind of bargaining tool.  Manipulation is not healthy for any relationship.

Being more self-aware of how we are really reacting to our feelings is so incredibly important.  And so incredibly hard.  But it’s worth the work.
It doesn’t have to look picture-perfect all the time.  Neither do our lives.  Or our homes.  LOL  But if the effort is put in, it should get recognized.  On a decently regular basis.  We all like to feel valued, appreciated.  And when we need help, we need to learn to ask before it becomes unbearable.  And when we do ask, we need to not feel like we’re some kind of burden for asking.  We all need to feel these things.  And when we feel like this, we need to realize that sometimes we make others feel like this.  If we don’t want to feel that way, we shouldn’t do things to make others feel that way.

Communication is vital.  I can’t honestly say it enough.  It will never be perfect.  It will never be at a place where you’ll never have to re-visit the methods of communication ever again.  It is a forever project.  It will need to be adjusted and updated.  But working on better communication every single day, will make for a much better connection, and a much better life.  And when you find the change in your relationship because of it, you will probably find that it seeps out into your everyday life as well, making that better.

I really do hope that my thoughts on this aren’t as muddled and haphazard and wandering as I think they are.  I hope that this will remain my personal reminder, and perhaps reach a couple people somewhere.