Warning: TMI – Too Much Information

I’ve been encouraged to write about the more intimately …interesting things that have been going on and will be going on.  But for the sake of everyone reading, I’m writing this warning of content first.  For those of you reading, whether you are family, friends, friends of friends or complete strangers, I plan on writing about the things that most people just don’t talk about when it comes to pregnancy.

I will be speaking about anatomical parts of my body.  I will be mentioning the odd, the strange, the gross, and the just plain embarassing.  So I issue this warning for all of you, so that you will know what this category will be for.  You are free to pass over any post that starts with TMI in the title, and I will try to remember to put TMI in any post that falls under this category. 

I understand that for some of you it could be extremely embarassing, not only for you, but also for myself.  These aren’t topics I’m treading onto very lightly, and they will be hard sometimes for me to get out.  If you don’t want to risk it, please do not read it.  For the brave of you, I commend you.


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